651 Texas 46 Business
New Braunfels, TX 78130


11 am-Midnight
7 days a week

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Rotating Tap Market

Leinenkugel Rotating Market

New Braunfels Brewing Company Rotating Market

Real Ale Rotating Market

Abita Rotating Market

Samuel Adams Rotating Market

Guinness 6.5/26

New Castle 6.5/26

Deschutes Black Butte Porter 4.75/19

Krombacher Dark 6.75/27

Samuel Adams Boston Lager 5.25/21

Real Ale Firemans 4 4.75/19

Austin Amber 4.75/19

Shiner Bock 5.25/21

Real Ale Devils Backbone 5.5/na

Founders Dirty Bastard 5.5/na

Dogfish Head Raison d'Etre 6/na

Warsteiner Dunkel 6/24

Dogfish head 60 Minute IPA 6.5/26

Breckenridge 471 IPA 7/na

Deschutes Fresh Hop Mirror Pond 6.25/25

Drafts (cont'd)

Miller Lite 4.25/17

Bud Light 4.25/25

New Braunfels Brewing Company Luft Weiss 5.5/22

Dos Equis Special Lager 4.75/19

Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat 4.5/18

Blue Moon 4.5/18

Paulaner Hefe Weizen 7/28

Woodchuck Amber Cider 7/28

Ace Perry Cider 7/28


Rotating Bottle Market

Boulevard Rotating 5.25/28

Heineken 5.25/28

Brooklyn Lager 5.25/28

Fat Tire 5.25/28

Stella Artois 5.25/28

Foster's Oil Can 7.25/na

Alamo Golden Ale 5/28

Boddingtons Pub Ale (16oz can) 6.5/na

Hofbräu Original Ale 5.5/28

Negra Modelo 5.5/28

Bootlegger Brown ale 5.25/28

Bottles (cont'd)

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 4.75/28

Lagunitas IPA 5.75/28

Coors Light 4.25/25

Dos Equis Special Lager 5.5/28

Michelob Ultra 4.25/26

Red Stripe 5/28

Corona 5.25/28

Tecate (12oz can) 4.25/25

Lonestar 4.25/25

Smirnoff Original Ice 4.75/26

Strongbow Cider (16oz can) 8.75/na

Buckler (non-alc) 4.25/25

Pedernales Lobo Lito Lager 4.75/26

About Glass Half Full

Glass Half Full Taproom is a neighborhood bar built by beer lovers for beer lovers. We seek to highlight the diversity of craft beer with a focus on local breweries. We always remember that a bar is a place to gather with friends and make conversation while trying something new or sipping on an old favorite. We hire and train bartenders who are passionate and knowledgeable about beer and aim to make our guests feel at home.